Ep. #7032

Season 28, Episode 187 -  Air Date: 12/19/2000
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Jill gives her concert tickets to Billy and Brittany, but instead of going to the concert, Brittany wants to take Billy to the old caretaker‘s place. However, Brittany realizes that the old caretaker‘s place is where Billy would go to be alone with Mac.Matt tries to poison Tricia‘s mind about Ryan, accusing him of wanting Victoria. Matt outlines to Warton his plot to frame Nick in a drug bust.Jack finally confronts Victor about his attempts to insinuate himself into Ashley‘s life again. Brad expresses to Ashley his interest in adopting her baby, and insists that the biological father stay out of the picture.Tomas overhears Robert insulting his work to Nina. She later realizes this and tries unsuccessfully to relieve Tomas‘ self-pity. Raul and Rianna attempt to persuade Mac to go to the Jabot House New Year‘s Eve Party.