Ep. #7031

Season 28, Episode 186 -  Air Date: 12/18/2000
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Victor approaches Ashley at Gina‘s and asks about the baby. Before Ashley realizes it, she‘s caught up in Victor‘s web again. She tells Victor that they should remain distanced for the time being. Brad arrives, and tells Ashley that he got the final word from his attorney, but doesn‘t reveal any details.Mac goes online and chats with Billy anonymously, asking personal questions about his relationship with Brittany. The Glow campaign is a hit, and Jill and Jack declare the first day of the chat room a success. Billy is intrigued by ""Clean Queen"" and writes down her e-mail address. He makes plans with Brittany to sneak out and meet at the pool house after everyone has left so that they can be alone. When Brittany says good night to Jack, Jill learns that she received tickets to a concert of one of Phillip‘s favorite bands. She invites Billy, and he‘s all for it until he learns that the concert is that evening. When Jill goes to get her purse from the pool house, Billy flips, and quickly