Ep. #7030

Season 28, Episode 185 -  Air Date: 12/15/2000
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Diane promises Victor that Leanna‘s visit was unannounced, and she‘ll be more careful next time. In Victor‘s office, Nick and Victor discuss the opening of the new coffeehouse. Victor tells Nick that the key to success is hiring good employees. Victor tells Nick that when he leaves the ranch, he‘ll return to his apartment because he knows Leanna and Diane are conspiring behind his back.After Victor leaves, Leanna returns with a packet of information on Hope. Diane agrees to give Leanna exclusive photos of the baby when it is born, but when Leanna asks Diane why she wants to contact Hope, Diane doesn‘t answer.Matt agrees to talk to Ryan about Tricia only if Victoria promises to accompany him, and if Tricia will never find out. Matt tells Ryan that Tricia went off on Victoria for no reason, and Ryan asks Matt if he thinks Tricia is dangerous.The Glow kids begin their cyber chats with contestants. Mac remembers she left her computer on. She sees that the Glow house will be online New Y