Ep. #7029

Season 28, Episode 184 -  Air Date: 12/14/2000
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Marissa asks Diane if she can work part-time with Paul and Lynne. Diane, who is preoccupied with Leanna, tells her she doesn‘t care. Diane asks Leanna about Victor‘s relationship with Hope Adams. When Diane asks Leanna for Hope‘s contact information, Leanna says she‘ll give it to her for a price. Victor enters, and Diane pretends she is kicking Leanna out.Chris is excited to learn that she got the job in Hong Kong. She tells Paul, and when he reacts unenthusiastically, Chris reminds him that she‘s doing this to save her marriage and because she loves him.Phyllis feels the pressure to come up with a new idea for the ""Brash and Sassy"" web site, once she sees that the Glow by Jabot site is doing so well.Matt grabs the phone away from Tricia and answers it. He tells Sharon that his alarm clock didn‘t go off, and he‘s on his way to the coffeehouse. Matt arrives to the coffeehouse, and Sharon asks about his run-in with Tricia. She goes on to tell Matt that Tricia ran Tony over with her ca