Ep. #7026

Season 28, Episode 181 -  Air Date: 12/8/2000
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Brad wants to contact his attorney about adopting Abby ASAP, but Ashley questions if it is really necessary. Brad wonders if Ashley is hesitant because she still has feelings for the baby‘s father.Ryan finds his computer and asks Tricia if she used it while he was asleep, but Tricia tells him that she has her own computer. Ryan asks her why she asked him about his password, and she explains that she just wanted to know more about him.Matt wakes from his fantasy and Sharon asks him why he‘s staring at her. When Matt is on the phone, Sharon assumes he‘s looking for another job. Sharon goes on to explain that she needs a ride home. Matt offers to take her home until Victoria says that Sharon can use her car.Victoria pulls Matt to the side and asks him about the years he took off work. Tricia approaches them as Matt tells Victoria that in his years as a drifter, he realized how much he wanted to work.Malcolm explains what happened in Paris, and tells Olivia that Dru did not want to mak