Ep. #7025

Season 28, Episode 180 -  Air Date: 12/7/2000
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Victor tells Nikki there is no way she can make up with him. Nikki tells Victor that he doesn‘t have to leave the ranch, because she taking a business trip.Phyllis meets Jack for their date, and Jill realizes Jack is getting close to Phyllis in order to get the inside scoop on ""Brash & Sassy"".Malcolm helps Phyllis pick out a dress for her date with Jack. As they share flirtatious kisses, Olivia watches in the background. When Phyllis leaves, Olivia blasts Malcolm for not being a responsible father to Nate. Malcolm explains that he didn‘t plan to be in Paris for a month, and apologizes for not keeping Nate informed.Tricia takes Ryan‘s laptop computer to Matt‘s apartment, and Matt tells Tricia that he is making it look like Victoria is siphoning funds, when he‘s actually using Nick‘s name. Just as Tricia arrives home, Ryan awakens, asking if Tricia has seen his laptop.Matt dreams that Sharon realizes his true identity and he kisses her.