Ep. #7023

Season 28, Episode 178 -  Air Date: 12/5/2000
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Jill tells Ashley about the success of the ""Brash and Sassy"" web site, and that since Nikki was involved with Victor, they should ""neutralize"" her.Ashley doesn‘t think Victor tried to manipulate Nikki when they were together so Ashley doesn‘t find Nikki to be a threat. Nikki explains to Kay that she and Victor broke up. Nikki is upset with herself because she can‘t resist Victor, and Kay advises Nikki to call Victor. Nikki contemplates the idea.Mary visits Chris‘ office, and Michael tells her that Chris and Paul have decided to go to Hong Kong. Mary urges Michael to persuade Chris not to go on the trip. When Chris returns to the office, excited about her trip to Hong Kong, Michael tells Chris to take a few weeks vacation instead of going to Hong Kong. Chris refuses to listen to Michael once she learns he‘s spoken to Mary.Jack interrupts Billy and Brittany‘s make-out session and warns Billy to take things slowly with Brittany. Jack explains an idea to bring the kids from the Jabot Ho