Ep. #7022

Season 28, Episode 177 -  Air Date: 12/4/2000
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Jill tells Jack that Nikki has a conflict of interest at Jabot, because she‘s sleeping with Victor. Nikki refuses to discuss her personal life with them because it‘s none of their business.John reports that ""Brash and Sassy‘s"" numbers are rising quickly due to Phyllis‘ work on their new web site. Ryan, Victoria, and Phyllis congratulate each other on a job well done after they find out that their web site contest is a success. Malcolm arrives and Phyllis tells Victoria and Ryan about her idea to give the winner of the contest a make-over and photo shoot. Malcolm asks Phyllis if she is worried that Jack will be upset over her success so far, but Phyllis is sure that Jack can separate work and play. To Phyllis‘ surprise, Jack calls Phyllis and asks her out to dinner.Billy and Mac run into each other at the coffeehouse, and Billy blames Mac for his strained relationship with Raul. Later, when Mac, Rianna, and Raul prepare to go to a movie, Mac asks Raul if she is the reason Raul won‘t f