Ep. #7021

Season 28, Episode 176 -  Air Date: 12/1/2000
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Jack asks Phyllis why she is hanging out with Malcolm, and Phyllis explains that she‘s working on a project with him. When Jack tries to book Malcolm to do some work for Jabot, Phyllis chimes in and says that Malcolm is booked until the end of the year.Victor offers Alex the job, only if she is willing to re-locate to Genoa City. Alex accepts the job, and asks Neil if he will be okay working with her.Chris learns from Michael that she needs a final answer about the Hong Kong trip. Mary tells Paul that a trip to Hong Kong is absurd, and advises him to follow his instincts as Chris enters. Chris tells him she needs an answer today, and Paul tells her that isn‘t possible. After asking Paul a second time, Paul is silent, and Chris takes his silence as a no. She asks him if that‘s the case.Nick contacts Matt‘s references, but the numbers he‘s trying to reach are out of service. Sharon apologizes to Matt, saying that Nick is paranoid because their family has had problems in the past with