Ep. #7020

Season 28, Episode 175 -  Air Date: 11/30/2000
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Victor meets Alex. She tells him that she is willing to help fight for the ""little guy"" against the HMO, and Victor hears her out. Neil thinks Alex is too aggressive and brings in another firm to meet with Victor. After meeting with the other firm, Victor tells Neil that he likes Alex‘s passion, and it‘s just what he needs for the job, but he‘ll consider both sides.Olivia visits Ashley and Brad and tells Ashley that she‘s frustrated with Malcolm‘s irresponsibility lately. Ashley calls the hospital to make Abby Carlton‘s name official.Phyllis asks Malcolm to assist her with a ""Brash and Sassy"" website campaign, where the winner of a contest will win a make over and a photo shoot. Malcolm agrees to it, and asks Phyllis out, but Phyllis declines. Phyllis says that she‘s dating Jack Abbott, though she hasn‘t heard from him since Ashley‘s wedding. Jack enters the studio and is surprised to find Phyllis.Matt expresses his fear of Nick finding out that ""Carter"" didn‘t exist four years a