Ep. #7019

Season 28, Episode 174 -  Air Date: 11/29/2000
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Victor tells Neil that he has two strikes against him now, because he failed to tell him the second he found out Nikki was responsible for bailing out Jabot. Neil apologizes, and tells him that he‘s interested in a tough lawyer, Alex Perez, to assist in the HMO situation. Neil meets Alex, and is surprised to see she is a woman.When Victoria goes to see Victor, he tells her that Nikki‘s behavior was intolerable, and he has left the ranch. Nikki tells Jack that Victor moved out after finding out she bailed Jabot out. She goes on to explain that Victor was not going to foreclose on Jabot because he wanted to make Ashley eternally grateful to him, but his plan backfired when Nikki and Brad came up with the money.Brad and Ashley decide to name the baby ""Abby.""Tricia is ready to seek revenge on Victoria, and asks Matt to tell her the plan. Tricia says that getting a pass into her office may be too complicated, and Matt tells her that they may be able to gain access to Newman files through