Ep. #7018

Season 28, Episode 173 -  Air Date: 11/28/2000
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Nikki explains that she gave the $35 million to Jabot in order to begin her career. Nikki wonders how Victor could be upset, because he was willing to let Jabot off the hook for Ashley‘s sake. Victor tells Nikki that although they have become closer, she had no business investing in Jabot whatever the reason. Nikki accuses Victor of not being completely honest about his situation with Ashley.Victoria is worried about her parents and decides to go to work to get her mind off of it all. Later, Nick comes home and assumes that no news is good news regarding his parents. When Nick brings up wanting to open a third store, Sharon suggests Matt manage it. Nick tells Sharon that they‘ll have to go over his application first.Brad brings Ashley and the baby home from the hospital. Brad has decorated the house, and they discuss baby names.Billy cries in Jill‘s arms, and she asks him if he wants to talk. Jill suggests Billy spend the holidays with Phillip, and Billy reluctantly agrees. When Jil