Ep. #7017

Season 28, Episode 172 -  Air Date: 11/27/2000
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After Thanksgiving dinner, Victoria leaves Nikki to tell Victor that she invested the 35 million in Jabot.Mac and Billy meet in their secret hide-out. Billy confirms to Mac that he‘s now dating Brittany, and Mac ends their relationship officially by giving the opal ring back to Billy. Mac, heartbroken, goes to the coffeehouse where Rianna and Raul see her and become concerned. Billy returns home and Jill suggests they spend more time with Phillip over the holidays. She sees that Billy is upset, and without expressing his feelings verbally, Billy embraces Jill.Chris asks Paul if he will accompany her to Hong Kong for a two month working vacation, and Paul thinks the idea is ridiculous, but tells Chris he‘ll give the idea some thought.Nina and Tomas discuss taking a vacation to New Mexico before Nina‘s book is published, and Tomas‘s film is produced.