Ep. #7016

Season 28, Episode 171 -  Air Date: 11/22/2000
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Neil tells Victor that he has set up interviews with lawyers about the HMO situation. After discussing their holiday plans, Victor asks Neil if there is something going on with Victoria. Neil tells Victor that Victoria doesn‘t discuss her personal life with him. Victor senses Victoria is hiding something from him. Once Victoria gets Nikki alone, she tells her that she knows about the $35 million Nikki invested in the company. Nikki defends herself, saying that she used the money as a means of getting into the company because she doesn‘t have a degree. Nikki assures Victoria that she‘ll handle everything, and that she and Victor will get through this.Michael is surprised that Chris is willing to travel to Hong Kong for the business trip. Chris says that she hopes Paul will join her because they need to get away.Malcolm arrives from his trip to Paris explaining that things didn‘t work out with Dru. Olivia becomes upset with Malcolm because he never told Nate when he would be home. They