Ep. #7015

Season 28, Episode 170 -  Air Date: 11/21/2000
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After Victoria tells Neil that she hasn‘t spoken with Nikki yet, Neil agrees to give her another 24 hours - but that‘s his limit. Kay brings Nikki flowers and Nikki informs her that Cassie is healthy.Kay sees Victor and Nikki together and after Victor leaves for work, she asks Nikki if things are better with Victor. Nikki explains that Victor seems to be courting her, but she‘s still unsure of how Victor feels about her working for Jabot. Victoria calls Nikki and tells her she needs to speak with her immediately.When Nick gets into the shower, Warton arrives. Matt gives him Nick‘s ATM card and PIN, and instructs him to withdraw only $500 to rent the apartment. Although Matt is upset to learn that Warton hasn‘t gotten the apartment, he still explains his plan to set up Nick, using the apartment as a drug warehouse. Matt also reveals that he‘ll use Tricia to get money to buy drugs.Nina admits to Chris that she spoke with Mary about Chris‘ pregnancy. Chris is furious, but thinks that t