Ep. #7014

Season 28, Episode 169 -  Air Date: 11/20/2000
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Victoria is blown away when Neil tells her that Nikki invested $35 million into Jabot, but soon realizes that her mother used the money as a means of getting her career started. Victoria begs Neil not to tell Victor, fearing that the news will destroy the progress Victor and Nikki have made.Ryan arrives with a compromise, suggesting that Neil give Victoria 24 hours to talk to Nikki first, allowing Neil to tell Victor the news the next day.At the Newman ranch, Nikki and Victor count their dinner a success, and discuss an evening rendezvous. Sharon and Cassie interrupt Nikki and Victor and they all celebrate Cassie‘s clean bill of health. After Sharon and Cassie leave, Nikki and Victor express how grateful they are to have the family closer than ever for the holiday.Sharon runs into Victoria and tells her that her mother and father went upstairs together! Victoria decides against telling Nikki the news.When Nick tries to enter Matt‘s apartment, Matt blocks his entrance. Matt apologiz