Ep. #7013

Season 28, Episode 168 -  Air Date: 11/17/2000
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Nikki tells Victor that she has her doubts that Diane is being honest about her pregnancy. Victor tells Nikki that he is ordering Diane to have a paternity test. Diane confides in Michael that she is worried that Victor and Nikki are back together, and she admits that she wishes she hadn‘t trapped Victor.Victoria is happy to hear from Sharon that Cassie is healthy. Nick notifies Sharon that he‘s leaving for Milwaukee with Matt, but he hopes to return to Genoa City that evening.Matt tells Tricia that he‘ll help her get revenge on Victoria, but tells her that she can‘t leave Ryan. Just as Tricia prepares to leave, Nick arrives to pick up Matt.Ryan confides in Neil that he has feeling for Victoria, but hasn‘t told her. Neil tells Ryan that he‘s being too optimistic if he thinks Tricia is going to leave him without a fight. Later, Neil gets a call. When Victoria asks what the call was about, Neil reluctantly tells her that he found out that Nikki put up the other half of the money to ba