Ep. #7012

Season 28, Episode 167 -  Air Date: 11/16/2000
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Jack visits Ashley in the hospital and becomes upset when he learns that Victor visited Ashley before the wedding and that Victor wouldn‘t give the baby to Ashley when she asked for it. When Jack wants to give Victor a piece of his mind, Ashley advises against it because he will only make matters worse.Victor goes to his apartment to find that Diane has redone Victoria‘s room. Victor is furious and asks Diane when the baby is due and writes down the date. Nikki arrives to tell Victor that Cassie doesn‘t have TB. Diane asks Victor if he will be moving back home now that Cassie is well and Nikki waits for his answer.Ryan makes it clear to Tricia and Victoria that his primary goal is to help Tricia get better, not to resurrect their relationship. Tricia, obviously hurt, tells Victoria and Ryan that she understands and accepts that Ryan does not want a romantic relationship with her. When Tricia leaves, Victoria tells Ryan that she doesn‘t think Tricia is being honest with Ryan or hersel