Ep. #7011

Season 28, Episode 166 -  Air Date: 11/15/2000
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Nikki is relieved when Victor explains that he only went to Ashley‘s apartment to tie up loose ends, and that after Ashley had the baby, he left the hospital so that Brad and Ashley could get married.Ashley tells Brad that Victor came to see her before the wedding to wish her the best. Brad becomes angry, and suggests Victor had ulterior motives. Ashley assures Brad that now that the baby is born, nothing and no one else matters.When Victoria suggests Ryan move into the tack house, Ryan tells Victoria that he isn‘t moving out. Tricia overhears Victoria telling Ryan that he is naive if he thinks Tricia is willing to let him go, even after she gets better.Tricia talks to Michael anonymously about her marriage to Ryan. When Tricia reveals that she feels guilty about pressuring Ryan to stay with her, Michael assures Tricia that Ryan would not have agreed to do it if he didn‘t want to. When Tricia leaves, Michael tells her to call him if she ever wants to talk again, and hands her a busi