Ep. #7010

Season 28, Episode 165 -  Air Date: 11/14/2000
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Neil announces that Brad and Ashley had a baby girl. Billy tells Brittany that he is glad she agreed to be his date at the wedding. Phyllis senses there is something going on between Nikki and Brad, and figures there is a reason for Nikki‘s strange behavior. Neil doesn‘t comment, and he and Phyllis leave.Nikki begins to beat herself up for falling for Victor once again. Victoria tells her mom not to jump to any conclusions about Victor and Ashley before getting the facts from Victor. When Nikki goes to Victor‘s office, she asks him what he was doing alone with Ashley on her wedding day, but Victor doesn‘t respond. Nikki takes that as her answer and leaves.Mac begins to wonder if she did the right thing by not sleeping with Billy. Sharon tells her that she learned from experience that having sex with a boy does not guarantee they will stay in the relationship.When Nick arrives at the coffeehouse, Dr. Hudson calls with Cassie‘s test results. Victoria tells Nick that Ryan could be leav