Ep. #7009

Season 28, Episode 164 -  Air Date: 11/13/2000
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Victor and Ashley share warm good-byes and Victor is about to go when Ashley‘s water breaks. Victor offers to take her to the hospital, where the doctor tells Victor that Ashley‘s labor is progressing quickly. Ashley tells Victor to call Brad immediately, but Victor tells her to concentrate on having the baby. Ashley‘s baby girl is born, and the nurse hands the baby over to Victor. Ashley becomes upset, and asks Victor to give her the baby right away.Brad, Jack, Olivia and all of the wedding guests await Ashley‘s arrival. When Neil sees Brad worrying, he suggests Brad call Ashley. Brad reaches Ashley‘s limo driver who says that Ashley left with a man with dark hair and a mustache. Moments later, the hospital nurse phones Brad to tell him that Ashley has had her baby. Nikki wants to know what Victor was doing with Ashley before the wedding.Mac expresses to Sharon that she should have slept with Billy in order to avoid him having sex with Brittany.As Paul and Mary discuss bringing the