Ep. #7008

Season 28, Episode 163 -  Air Date: 11/10/2000
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John objects to Jack bringing Phyllis to the wedding, but Phyllis concentrates on flirting with Jack. Victor enters Brad‘s living room to find Ashley. Ashley tells Victor that there is nothing for them to talk about because she is marrying Brad today. Victor tells Ashley that he only came to tell her that he wants the best for her, and if Brad makes her happy, he is happy she is marrying him. After Victor leaves, Ashley feels a strange sensation.As Brad is dressing, Nikki visits him and tells him that she is happy for him and wishes him the best. Kay convinces Mac that Jill and Billy are the cause of the alienation she feels from her friends. Kay asks Mac if she can ever forgive Billy for what he did, and Mac tells her that she doesn‘t think she can, although she misses him.At the coffeehouse, Mac watches Billy and Brittany as they leave for the wedding together. J.T. tells Mac that if she ever wants to fight fire with fire, give him a call.Harvey finishes reading Nina‘s book, and t