Ep. #7006

Season 28, Episode 161 -  Air Date: 11/8/2000
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Jack refuses to invite Phyllis as his date to Ashley‘s wedding. Ashley decides to spend her last night as a single woman with her family. Jack apologizes to Ashley for not being supportive, but assures her that he only wants her to be happy.Matt apologizes to Cody for being late for work, and tells Cody that he is late because he got lucky. Matt questions Cody about Victoria, and where she ranks at Newman Enterprises. Cody assumes Matt wants to use Victoria to get a job.Nick, Sharon, and Cassie embrace when Cassie comes home excited that she hasn‘t coughed all day. Nick reports that Millie, Alice, and Grace have all tested negative for TB.Victoria inquires about the use of the tack room. When she tells Victor that Ryan needs a place to stay, Victor warns Victoria that she could be taking a step in the wrong direction.Tricia admits to Ryan that she had a glass of wine and is feeling the effects of it. Ryan doesn‘t think he can live with Tricia as man and wife, and tells her that he