Ep. #7005

Season 28, Episode 160 -  Air Date: 11/7/2000
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Ashley asks Nikki and Victor to be happy for her marriage, but Nikki responds unkindly and Ashley gets upset. Brad tells her not to worry about Nikki, and to concentrate on the wedding plans. They go to visit John and Jack, and the four of them decide on the final wedding guest list. They all decide it would be better not to invite Traci and Jill to the wedding, but feel that Nikki should be invited. When Ashley extends the invitation to Nikki, Nikki tells her that it is late notice, and she doubts she can make it. John reminds Billy of the wedding, and tells him that he can bring a guest.After having his hopes of re-uniting with Mac shot, Billy invites Brittany to attend the wedding with him.Matt continues to urge Tricia not to tell Ryan about her infidelity, but Tricia, still frazzled, leaves Matt unconvinced. When she arrives home, Ryan notices Tricia‘s strange behavior, and asks her what has happened to her.Rianna gets Raul to notice her as more than a friend. They hold hands an