Ep. #7004

Season 28, Episode 159 -  Air Date: 11/6/2000
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Nikki and Victor discuss their relief over Nick, Sharon, and Noah testing negative for TB. Nikki tells Victor how happy she is that their family has come together, and Victor notices Nikki is still wearing her wedding ring.Brad tells Ashley not to let Nikki get to her, because she will always try to intimidate her where Victor is concerned. Ashley and Brad come by Victor and Nikki‘s table, and Ashley asks both Victor and Nikki to be happy that she and Brad are getting married.Matt pours the liquid into Tricia‘s wine glass, and Tricia drinks the glass of wine. The next thing she knows, she‘s in Matt‘s bed, undressed. Matt acts surprised, because Tricia doesn‘t remember having sex. Tricia tells Matt that she‘s going to tell Ryan what happened, and she has to leave. Matt tries to persuade Tricia not to tell.Billy asks Phyllis if Brittany set Mac up to find them at the coffeehouse. Phyllis tells Billy that he has caused his own problems, and that he‘s drawing conclusions where there are