Ep. #7003

Season 28, Episode 158 -  Air Date: 11/3/2000
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Ryan pushes Tricia away as she attempts to become intimate with him. Tricia goes to Matt‘s apartment seeking comfort. He offers her a glass of wine, and pours a liquid into her glass.Neil assures Ryan that he is doing the right thing by not sleeping with Tricia, and in the long run, Tricia will thank him.Billy questions Rianna about the last night at the Glow house. He says that J.T. told him that Mac was set up to find Brittany and him at the pool house.Brittany enters Victoria‘s office and finds Phyllis. She tells Phyllis that Billy is starting to ask questions about the last night of the Glow house, and she needs Phyllis‘s help. When Phyllis tells her that she won‘t get involved, Brittany threatens to tell the Abbotts that Phyllis helped Brittany concoct the scheme from the beginning. Phyllis isn‘t fazed, saying Brittany has no evidence. As Phyllis and Brittany are talking, Billy comes to the door.Tomas and Nina barge into Hugh‘s office, and Hugh gives Nina her revision notes. T