Ep. #7002

Season 28, Episode 157 -  Air Date: 11/2/2000
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Tricia tells Ryan that she‘s packing up her things and returning to London. Ryan doesn‘t want her to leave this way, and insists that all of his love for her is not lost. Tricia tells Ryan that she only needs him to love her again, and she kisses him.Brad calls the ranch to speak with Nikki, and is shocked when Victor answers the phone. Ashley wonders why Victor is at the ranch that early, and Brad explains that Cassie is sick, so the family is at the ranch. Nikki comes by Brad‘s place, and Ashley tells Nikki that Brad has left for work. When Ashley inquires about Cassie and the family, Nikki suggests that what Ashley really wants to know is if Nikki and Victor are back together.The doctor confirms that there are no signs of TB in Noah or Nick. Sharon is afraid that Cassie‘s results will turn out to be positive because of her cough, but the doctor tells Sharon that Cassie‘s cough could be a psychological reaction. Later, Nick and Sharon ask Cassie not to keep any information from the