Ep. #7001

Season 28, Episode 156 -  Air Date: 11/1/2000
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Cassie thanks Victor for her magical flying Halloween party. After Victor and Nikki tuck Cassie in for the night, Nikki asks Victor if she can expect a visit from him tonight, and Victor tells her that she can. Nick tells Sharon about Cassie‘s cough, and as they hurry out of the coffeehouse, Cody reminds them about the money. Sharon tells Cody to get the money on his own, and writes down Nick‘s P.I.N. on a pad, as Matt watches closely. When Sharon and Nick leave, Matt picks up the pad, and is pleased to see that the impression of the numbers can be read on the pad.Phyllis tells Michael that she won‘t be needing his ""services"" for much longer, if things go as planned with her new man. Michael denies that he‘s happy that Chris and Paul‘s marriage is still on the rocks.Tomas calls Chris, Paul, and Nina over to his house to announce that Hugh is referring Nina‘s book to his publisher. They all toast and celebrate. Nina is worried about the amount of champagne Tomas is drinking. Paul tell