Ep. #7000

Season 28, Episode 155 -  Air Date: 10/31/2000
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Cassie enjoys her time on the jet, which Victor refers to as the ""magic broomstick"". Nick gets a call from Cody, and he and Sharon leave to handle a coffeehouse emergency.When they arrive, Sharon and Cody prepare to get money from the ATM to pay the suppliers. Before they leave, Nick calls Millie, warning her to get a TB test. Millie tells Nick that Cassie has been coughing.Nina tells Chris that Tomas took her book to a publisher in New York without her permission. When Chris asks how Tomas is doing, Nina admits that she‘s worried about Tomas and his possible alcoholism. Paul is looking for Chris but runs into Michael instead. Michael tells Paul that Mary came to visit him. When Michael tries to apologize for whatever problems he‘s caused, Paul becomes angry and tells Michael that he doesn‘t trust him.At Gina‘s, Phyllis calls Brad over to join Jack and her for a drink. Brad declines, but Jack accepts Brad‘s offer to be his best man. When Brad leaves, Phyllis suggests that Jack bring