Ep. #6998

Season 28, Episode 153 -  Air Date: 10/27/2000
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Brad tells Ashley that he will think about making Jack his best man, and leaves for work. When Christian shows up, Ashley takes him to breakfast. Christian tells Ashley that he read her engagement announcement, and assures her that he will keep her secret about not being the father of her baby.Brad watches Ashley and Christian, unseen. Jack taunts Brad about the wedding, but is caught off guard when Brad asks Jack to be his best man. John threatens Jack, saying that if Jack refuses, he will fill Jack‘s shoes.When Cassie, Nick and Sharon return from the doctor‘s office, Cassie wonders if she should‘ve told her doctor about her cough. Sharon is worried that Cassie is holding something back from them. Victoria tells Nick she‘s worried that Nikki is falling for Victor again, because Victor is involved with another woman.Tricia asks Nina if Ryan is only staying with her out of obligation. Before Nina can respond, her beeper goes off. Once Nina leaves, Tricia books a flight to London. Mea