Ep. #6996

Season 28, Episode 151 -  Air Date: 10/25/2000
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Victoria tells Diane that she will be gone indefinitely, but warns her not to begin construction on her room until she gets Victor‘s approval. Victoria goes to the Newman Ranch and tells Victor that she heard a woman‘s voice coming from his bedroom. Victor doesn‘t reveal the woman‘s identity, but Victoria congratulates him on moving on with his personal life.Nikki and Victor discuss their night together and agree that they only reached out to each other because they needed someone to lean on. Victor calls Diane to tell her that he is leaving the apartment, but does not disclose his whereabouts. Ashley and Diane meet in a baby clothing boutique. Diane congratulates Ashley on her engagement. Diane assumes Ashley is buying a gift for her until she notices Ashley is pregnant.Billy confronts Brittany about sleeping with J.T. and setting Mac up to find them in the pool house together. Brittany insists J.T. is spreading lies because he is jealous.Tomas tells Nina that he took her book to H