Ep. #6995

Season 28, Episode 150 -  Air Date: 10/24/2000
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Nikki tells Victor that she feels very alone right now and Victor admits that he does as well. Nikki asks Victor if he is upset about Ashley and he mentions that the engagement to Brad is official. He acknowledges that Brad is not the father of Ashley‘s baby because Brad was with Nikki when Ashley conceived the child.Nikki asks Victor if he will ever forgive her for dating Brad and goes on to say that after Victor refused to have another baby with her, she turned to Brad because she felt rejected. She knows Victor is feeling rejected now and they kiss passionately. J.T. blows the whistle on Brittany and her schemes.J.T. tells Billy that he and Brittany slept together when she had initial insecurities about Mac. J.T. also reveals that Brittany conspired to hurt Mac the night she and Billy slept together. Jill asks Brittany if she will help her get through to Billy. Jack has a visit from Phyllis, who tells him that she‘s not going to give up on having a relationship with him.Ashley re