Ep. #6994

Season 28, Episode 149 -  Air Date: 10/23/2000
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Victor asks Ashley if there was more she wanted to discuss when they last spoke. Ashley tells Victor that she only wanted to express how much his gift meant to her. Victor is stung when Ashley tells him that she and Brad will be married soon. He wishes her luck and leaves.Nikki tells Brad that he‘s making a big mistake by marrying Ashley because Ashley is not over Victor. Brad accuses Nikki of being angry that their relationship didn‘t work and tells her to get over it.Sharon and Nick break the news to Cassie that she won‘t be able to attend a Halloween party because they won‘t have her tests results by then. Sharon and Nick mention coughing as one of the symptoms of tuberculosis, but Cassie doesn‘t reveal that she has been coughing regularly.J.T. proudly tells Brittany that he informed Jill of Billy and Mac‘s relationship. Brittany becomes upset and J.T. is alarmed, thinking Brittany should be happy that he succeeded in getting Billy in trouble. J.T. is insulted when he realizes Br