Ep. #6993

Season 28, Episode 148 -  Air Date: 10/20/2000
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Nikki and Victor break the news to Victoria about Cassie. Nikki is pleased when she learns that Victor and Victoria will be staying at the ranch until Cassie is well. Victor overhears Victoria and Nikki discussing Ashley‘s engagement to Brad. Victor visits Ashley at her office and notices the ring on her finger.Cassie is pleasantly surprised to see Victoria. Cassie takes Victoria to her room to go over her book report for school. When Cassie finishes, she overhears Sharon discussing symptoms of a person infected with tuberculosis: coughing, fatigue, weight loss, etc. Cassie returns to her room and begins to cough, but covers her mouth so as not to alarm anyone else.Kay splashes cold water on Jill and Jill regains consciousness. Kay explains to Jill that she fell, but Jill remembes what happened and tells Kay that she knows she is responsible for the knot on her head.Billy breaks up round two as Kay and Jill go head to head again. Kay leaves and Billy threatens that if Jill does anyt