Ep. #6992

Season 28, Episode 147 -  Air Date: 10/19/2000
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Nick and Sharon try to remain upbeat while Cassie prepares for her doctor‘s appointment. Mac is relieved that she told Kay and Brock about Jill‘s threat to expose Mac to her mother and step-father. Kay assures Mac that Paul Williams will notify them if her mother makes any attempt to find Mac. After Mac leaves for school, Jill taunts Kay about Mac. Kay tells Jill that Billy is untrustworthy and he, not Mac, is the cause of this mess. Jill shoves Kay and Kay whacks Jill over the head with a vase. Jill falls to the ground and Kay, unsure of whether Jill is dead or alive, leaves Jill on the floor.Jack tells Billy that Ashley and Brad are engaged, but Jack prays that Ashley will turn Brad down. Brad tells Ashley that he wants Christian to sign legal documents, saying he will never try to take the baby away from them. Ashley objects, saying that she doesn‘t want Christian linked to her baby in any way. Ashley and Brad join Olivia for breakfast. Brad leaves after Ashley tells Olivia that sh