Ep. #6991

Season 28, Episode 146 -  Air Date: 10/18/2000
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Victor breaks the news to Nikki that Cassie may have tuberculosis. They both visit Nick, Sharon and Cassie to give them support. Cassie asks questions about the tests she will take the next day and wonders when she‘ll be able to return to school.Sharon tries to remain strong for Cassie, but eventually breaks down in Nick‘s arms. When Nick and Sharon leave to tuck Cassie in for the night, Nikki gets emotional and Victor takes Nikki in his arms to console her.Ashley asks Brad if her pregnancy bothers him, but Brad tells Ashley that he feels as if he is the father of her baby. Brad tells Ashley that he wants to convert his office into a nursery for their baby.Tricia pours out her heart to Matt, expressing her frustrations with Ryan‘s ex-wives. Matt tells Tricia that she deserves to be treated better and kisses her. Tricia is stunned by the kiss and leaves immediately.Tricia arrives home to find Ryan and Phillip waiting for her. When Ryan asks Tricia where she‘s been, she lies and says