Ep. #6990

Season 28, Episode 145 -  Air Date: 10/17/2000
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Nick tells Victor about Cassie‘s possible illness. Victor embraces Nick and they both agree that Nikki must be informed.Paul breaks the news to Mary that he and Chris are waiting to try for another baby. When Paul tells Mary that this is all Chris‘s idea, he makes Mary promises not to confront Chris about the situation. Instead, Mary pays Michael Baldwin a visit.Cassie and Sharon head to the coffeehouse to meet Doris in hopes of lifting Cassie‘s spirits with a new Halloween costume.At the coffeehouse, Matt is antsy in anticipation of a night with Tricia. As Matt ends his shift, he is surprised when Sharon walks in with Cassie. Doris mentions to Matt again how familiar he looks. Sharon tells Matt that Cassie‘s tests were not that great and Matt gives Sharon an encouraging touch. Later, Sharon gets the chills.When Nikki tells Victoria about Ashley and Brad‘s engagement, Victoria accuses Nikki of not wanting Victor to move on in his personal life and be happy. When Nikki asks Victoria