Ep. #6988

Season 28, Episode 143 -  Air Date: 10/13/2000
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Jack walks in on Ashley and Brad just as Brad shows Ashley an engagement ring. Jack advises Ashley not to make any big decisions right now since she‘s so emotional. Brad tells Ashley that Jack has picked out a house for her and Ashley tells Jack that she will move when the time is right for her.When Jack leaves, Brad assures Ashley that he loves her and he wants to go through with the engagement.Jill asks Brittany about Billy‘s behavior and Brittany suggests he may be upset because they broke up. Later, J.T. introduces himself to Jill. He tells her that Billy has been down lately and he knows why.J.T. taunts Billy by telling him that Brittany is talking to Jill about Billy‘s relationship with Mac. When Billy sees Brittany, she assures him that she only told Jill that he was upset because of their break-up.Victoria tells Ryan that Tricia confronted her at the coffeehouse, but Ryan accuses Victoria of gunning for Tricia.Warton threatens to turn Matt in to the police, but Matt remind