Ep. #6987

Season 28, Episode 142 -  Air Date: 10/12/2000
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Victor asks Ashley if she‘s anxious about the baby and whether she plans to continue living with her family. When Victor asks Ashley about the baby‘s father, Ashley tells Victor that she‘s thinking of contacting him. Victor vents about Diane and how he wants her out of his life. When Ashley prepares to leave, Victor asks her to stay, but Ashley insists she has to get to work.Brad notices real estate flyers in Jack‘s office and Jack tells Brad that he is looking for a house for Ashley in order to keep her away from Brad. When the realtor arrives, she shows Jack the perfect house for Ashley and Jack leaves to find her.Jill asks Mac about Billy‘s strange behavior and Mac tells her that she and Billy aren‘t friends anymore. If Jill wants to know what‘s troubling Billy, she should ask Brittany.Rianna is shocked to hear that Mac and Billy had been dating all summer. Raul refuses to believe Mac intentionally hurt him and insists Mac got caught up in Billy‘s web of lies. Rianna tells Raul t