Ep. #6986

Season 28, Episode 141 -  Air Date: 10/11/2000
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Victor interrupts an argument between Victoria and Diane. He notices Diane has bought a crib for the baby and Diane tells him that she is prepared to convert the guest room where Victoria is sleeping into a nursery. Victor asks Diane what she wants from him and Diane tells Victor that she only wants Victor all to herself. When Victor tells Diane that he doesn‘t want her, she leaves. Justin from the lab pays Victor a visit and tells him that he was able to retrace the movement of his sample. He confirms that Victor‘s sample was probably used in Diane‘s insemination.Ashley drops by to thank Victor for the baby gift and Victor assures Ashley that she will be a wonderful mother. Before leaving for work, Brad asks Ashley to marry him again and Ashley tells him that she‘s been thinking about the idea, but doesn‘t want to make a hasty decision. Brad meets with a jeweler while Ashley goes to work.Tricia goes to Newman Enterprises to drop off a folder Ryan left at home. When she arrives, she