Ep. #6985

Season 28, Episode 140 -  Air Date: 10/10/2000
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Victor asks Victoria what possessed her to sign Phyllis‘s contract. When Victoria defends her decision, Victor admits he has plans for Phyllis, but doesn‘t give Victoria any details. When Victoria asks Victor about Diane, he explains that nothing has changed. Victoria tells Victor that as long as Diane remains at the apartment, she‘ll be there too.Paul admits to Chris that he doesn‘t know her anymore; he thought they were on the same page in wanting to have a baby. Chris explains that she started out that way, but after thinking it over she realized she wasn‘t ready to become a mother.Phyllis wants to celebrate her first day at Newman Enterprises with Michael. Michael doesn‘t think it was a good idea for Phyllis to confront Victor after Victoria warned her against it.Jill walks in as Brad and Ashley discuss Brad‘s proposal. Jill is looking for Jack and Ashley tells her that Jack is probably in his office. Ashley tells Brad that he may be going too far with the marriage proposal, bu