Ep. #6984

Season 28, Episode 139 -  Air Date: 10/9/2000
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Victor assumes Nikki is fishing for information when she visits his office. Nikki tells Victor that she‘s glad that he is asking for a paternity test after Diane‘s baby is born. Victor admits to Nikki that he sent Ashley a gift for the baby and Nikki tells Victor thatAshley seems to be moving on with her life, with Brad‘s help. Ashley is visibly moved by the gift from Victor and Brad becomes jealous. Ashley assures Brad that he is the one she counts on and Brad admits he has real feelings for Ashley, but he is afraid that she is still vulnerable to Victor. When Ashley convinces Brad that she‘s over Victor, Brad proposes marriage to Ashley.Paul returns to town, but is firm with Lynne about not letting Chris know of his whereabouts. Paul later confides in Nina, saying he felt betrayed by Chris. When Chris goes to Paul‘s office, she is shocked to find Paul there and tells him that they have spent too much time apart and need to come to an understanding.Raul reveals to Billy that he kne