Ep. #6983

Season 28, Episode 138 -  Air Date: 10/6/2000
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Victor tells Neil that he wants a copy of Phyllis‘s contract immediately. Brad reminds Ashley that tonight is their last Lamaze class and asks her out to dinner afterwards. Olivia arrives and asks Ashley if she and Brad are getting closer. Ashley explains that Brad has always been there for her and that her relationship with Victor is definitely over.Olivia gets a phone call from Malcolm, who asks to see her. After Olivia leaves, a messenger delivers a package which turns out to be a silver rattle from Victor.Raul asks Mac if anything is going on between her and Billy. Mac reluctantly admits that she broke up with Raul to be with Billy after the prom. After Mac tells Raul that Billy slept with Brittany, Raul tells Mac that he is no longer her confidant and tells her to get lost. Billy skips class to talk to Jack about Mac.He explains that Mac doesn‘t believe him and that Brittany is upset with him because he doesn‘t remember having sex with her that night. Jack calls Brittany and as