Ep. #6982

Season 28, Episode 137 -  Air Date: 10/5/2000
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Phyllis drops by Victor‘s office and tells him that she has been warned to stay away from him, but she wanted to meet with him face to face. Victor tells her that he doesn‘t trust her, especially since she has a renewed friendship with Jack Abbot. Victor suggests Phyllis not work out of the main office, but Phyllis tells Victor that he should read her contract before she gets shipped off.When Ryan sees the candles, CD‘s and massage oil, he asks Tricia what‘s going on. Tricia tells Ryan that she was hoping to make love with him tonight. Ryan tells Tricia that they need to take things slow, but assures her that she has his full support.Neil tells Victoria that he wants to be informed when she tells Victor about Phyllis‘ contract. Neil goes on to tell Victoria that she will continue to alienate Ryan as long as she has a bad attitude about Tricia.Raul tells Billy that he tracked Mac down at the bus station and begins to ask if Mac‘s leaving has anything to do with Billy. When Billy trie