Ep. #6981

Season 28, Episode 136 -  Air Date: 10/4/2000
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Michael tells Diane that she is clinging to a pipe dream if she thinks Victor will accept the baby and her. Diane thinks it‘s a good sign that Victor hasn‘t kicked her out yet and feels that things will change once Victor holds the baby in his arms.Rianna mentions that Mac is still around and tells Brittany that Mac didn‘t say why she tried to leave. Rianna also notes how Brittany‘s attitude has changed toward Billy and wonders if that could have something to do with Mac‘s attempt to leave town.Phyllis tells Victoria that she heard Victor was back in town. When Victoria confirms, Phyllis asks if she should talk to Victor personally to let him know she‘s now on his payroll. Victoria tells Phyllis that Victor has already been informed.Neil asks Ryan if he‘s doing the right thing by helping Tricia after all of the turmoil she‘s caused. Ryan insists that Tricia is seeking professional help and needs his support. Ryan tells Neil that he doesn‘t like Victoria‘s attitude and doesn‘t have t