Ep. #6980

Season 28, Episode 135 -  Air Date: 10/3/2000
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Neil is surprised to see Victor back so soon. Victor expects Neil to make sure a close eye is kept on Phyllis. Victor goes to Gina‘s and spots Ashley. He asks her about her pregnancy and Ashley quickly reverses the question to ask how his pregnancy is going.Victor isn‘t aware that Diane has spread the news so quickly, but tells Ashley that he‘s keeping Diane at his apartment to keep the gossip columnists at bay. Before Victor leaves, he tells Ashley that her baby is very lucky to have her as a mother.Billy confronts Brittany about the lies she told Mac about them sleeping together all summer. Brittany asks Billy why he‘s so concerned about what Mac thinks. Brittany tells Billy that he‘s had a thing for Mac all summer and that he‘s been playing her for a fool all along. Brittany tells Billy that she may have exaggerated the story about them having sex all summer, but she had sex with him that night to show him how she feels about him.Phyllis wakes up on Malcolm‘s couch and realizes i