Ep. #6979

Season 28, Episode 134 -  Air Date: 10/2/2000
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Victoria welcomes Victor home. Victor immediately asks about ""Brash and Sassy,"" and Victoria explains that she was able to hire Jabot‘s web site producer. She tells Victor that the producer is Phyllis, but assures him that Phyllis has changed her evil ways. When Victoria asks Victor about Diane and the baby, he tells her that he‘s ordering a paternity test as soon as the baby is born. For now, Diane will stay at his apartment. Whether the baby is his or not, Victor plans to make Diane pay. Diane decides to give Leanna her exclusive story, but only if Leanna agrees to wait a while before broadcasting the story. Leanna agrees to the deal and asks Diane if the baby is really Victor‘s. Diane assures Leanna that the child she‘s carrying is, without a doubt, Victor Newman‘s baby.As the final call is made to board the bus, Raul begs Mac not to leave. When Mac asks Raul why she should stay, Raul reminds her that she has family and friends in Genoa City who care about her.When Mac arrives hom