Ep. #6978

Season 28, Episode 133 -  Air Date: 9/29/2000
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Billy tells Jack that he doesn‘t remember having sex with Brittany, but Brittany claims they slept together the last night of the Glow house. Jack suggests they look at the videotape of the web cast. As they watch the tape, they find that there is a break in the signal. Jack advises Billy to be honest with Mac, but Billy isn‘t sure that it will work at this point and blames Jill for the entire mess.Nina tells Raul that she thinks Mac may be running away. Raul calls the shelter, but has no luck finding Mac. Rianna senses Brittany knows why Mac is so upset, but Brittany doesn‘t divulge any information.Chris finds Phyllis and Michael celebrating, when she enters Michael‘s office. Phyllis leaves and Chris tells Michael that Paul feels betrayed and has gone out of town.Sharon tells Nick that she is worried about Cassie because she has to be checked for tuberculosis.Nina tells Tomas that she‘s working on the fourth chapter of her book. Tomas is proud of her and wants to read it immediate