Ep. #6975

Season 28, Episode 130 -  Air Date: 9/26/2000
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Chris tells Paul that she‘s having reservations about having a baby. Paul cannot believe it when Chris admits she was happy to find out she wasn‘t pregnant and that she wants to wait two years to have a baby.Jill accuses Jack of manipulating Billy into signing the proxy. Billy knows that Jill is only upset because she cannot manipulate his vote.Jack tells Nikki that Phyllis has received a lucrative offer from Newman Enterprises. Nikki warns Jack not to get into a bidding war with Newman Enterprises because Jabot doesn‘t have the money.Phyllis shows Victoria her new contract, which includes requests for an assistant, an editing room, expense account and a private office. Phyllis claims she needs these things to protect herself from Victor. Victoria insists that she doesn‘t have to worry about Victor or any contract, but Phyllis insists.When Brittany tries to convince Mac that she and Billy had sex, Mac becomes suspicious and asks Raul and Rianna what happened between Brittany and Bi