Ep. #6974

Season 28, Episode 129 -  Air Date: 9/25/2000
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Instead of making Brad a board member, John wants to give him an executive role in the company. Ashley suggests Billy be made a board member along with Brad, in order to keep an odd number of members on the board. When Jack, Jill and John approach Billy about the board seat, Billy thinks they‘re kidding, but agrees to accept the position.Jack senses there is tension between Billy and Jill. Billy tells Jack that he wants revenge on Jill for keeping him away from Mac. When the meeting resumes Billy explains that his proxy has been signed over to John.Brad asks Nikki if she is upset because she found Ashley at his house. Nikki tells Brad that she isn‘t upset, because she knows that Brad is only using Ashley for employment gains.Kay advises Mac to talk to Billy about his relationship with Brittany to find out the truth. When Mac arrives at school, she bumps into Brittany, who asks if there has been any reaction to what she did with Billy in the pool house.Dru asks Malcolm if he thinks